Mantic Games

The Mantic Team is made up of hobby enthusiasts and world-class creatives that bring you fantastic games and miniature ranges such as DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game, Kings of War and Warpath.


Sarissa has a huge, very well known and ever-growing range of laser cut buildings and accessories for wargamers and model makers including but not limited to; Buildings, Movement Trays, Bases, Templates, Tokens.

KR Multicase

KR Multicase is a company dedicated to miniature figures and innovative storage solutions. The KR range of trays, cases and wargaming accessories provide safe and durable storage and transport for all wargaming miniatures.


Publisher of Escape the Dark Castle – the game of atmospheric adventure. Themeborne is an independent game design studio based in Nottingham. We make immersive tabletop games with approachable rules and uncompromising artwork.

Stonewall Figures

10 mm,15 mm, 20 mm, 28 mm Figure Manufacturer. Books, and rules. 1:2400 scale 20th-century ships. Handmade terrain, painted battalion packs, plastic kits, Paint sets, and 10 mm laser cut Ancient and 18th Century ships.