Trader Application Form

e.g. Retailer / Manufacturer – Miniatures / Terrain/ Boardgame/ Hobby supplies etc. Please include scale/genre/products sold. information given will be detailed on the website. Feel free to include a photo of your stand from previous/other shows so we can upload this to the website as well.

1 table per 6ft frontage is included in the price (if required), additional tables are available at a cost of £6.00 per table. If no tables are required please specify what you will be using to set up below. We have limited space available for traders with rack-mounted displays, due to the nature of the venue, to avoid damage to the tennis courts.

Invoices for payment will be sent once your place has been confirmed. Your place will then be held for 14 days from the date of the invoice. If after this time your payment hasn't been received, your space may be offered to someone on the reserve list.

Limited to 2 per 6ft frontage.

Organisers may require visibility and/or confirmation of the policy details prior to and up to the date of the event.