We now have many more traders and demos confirmed for February 2019! Traders recently added to our list include Ainsty Castings, Oathsworn and Rapier, but you’ll have to head over to our Traders page for a comprehensive list!
As for demos, we now have loads of exciting games for you to try, including Blood Red Skies and Cruel Seas from Warlord as well as a top-secret game from Sarissa we don’t even know about yet! You’ll have to head over to our Demos page for the full list to see for yourself!

As such we aren’t currently taking any more applications for traders and demos, we’d love to squeeze more in but the laws of Health, Safety and Physics do impede us so. Any that we do receive, we’ll pop you on a reserve list and hope to get you in next year!

Look forward to seeing you all in Feb,